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2022-23 Season Donors

LAB Group shot June 2022.jpg

Thank you to all our donors for bringing courage, inspiration and accessibility to our 2022-23 season! Without you, LAB would not be possible. 

Angels (donations of $300 and above)

Win and Carole Aldrich*

Phillip and Mary Beard

Christian and Carey D’Souza*

Warwick and Jak Edwards

Diane Fletcher-Hoppe and Carl Hoppe

Suzy Hertzberg and Ray Ingersoll*

Lucy Jones and Egill Hauksson*

Elaine and J. Al Kramer*

Jane and Daniel Levy*

Joan Lounsbery*

John Lounsbery

Lynne Ludeke and Brian MacGregor*

Susan Mason

Steven Pranoto*

Ted and Ellen Stern*

Lindsey Strand-Polyak*

Michael Thacher and Rhonda Rundle

Gail Thomas*

Christine Williams

Craig Woods*

Donors (donations up to $299)

John and Anna Hallstrom

Jeni Kim

Sandra Thompson

Zia Iampietro

*Playing member of Los Angeles Baroque

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