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2021-22 Season Donors

LAB Group shot June 2022.jpg

Thank you to all our supporters for bringing the fresh air to our 2021-22 season! We appreciate you and look forward to welcoming you back in 2022-23.  

Angels (donations of $300 and above)

J. Winthrop and Carole Aldrich

Philip and Mary Beard

Christian and Carey d'Souza

Warwick and Jak Edwards

Diane Fletcher-Hoppe and Carl Hoppe
Suzy Hertzberg and Ray Ingersoll
Elaine Kramer and J. Al Latham
Jane and Daniel Levy
Carolyn Lindberg and Alan Schumitzsky

Joan Lounsbery

John Lounsbery
Lynne Ludeke and Brian MacGregor

Melissa Orquiza
Harriet and Bernie Palk

Ted and Ellen Stern
Michael Thacher and Rhonda Rundle

Christine Williams

Donors (donations up to $299)

Andrew Beer
Carrie Holzman-Little and Dane Little
Susan Mason
Cristina Punzalan

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